Just out of curiosity, how many of you have watched the “GM’ing the World” hangout?

Just out of curiosity, how many of you have watched the “GM’ing the World” hangout?

Just out of curiosity, how many of you have watched the “GM’ing the World” hangout?

I would like some feedback on it, and I’m pretty sure the others would as well. Everyone on the panel wanted to do it again, but we felt that the first time was a bit rough.

18 thoughts on “Just out of curiosity, how many of you have watched the “GM’ing the World” hangout?”

  1. It ran a bit long for video. An mp3 version would be more accessible for me. I like that everyone had things to say. Maybe a bonus topic for when someone drops – that way you can switch to a short topic while someone is gone and the go back to the main topic when they return.

  2. Great idea with the short topics!

    We know it was a bit long. We went 40 minutes overtime because we didn’t know how many simple questions we could make. Obviously not the amount that we thought 😉

    Is there a way to convert a youtube video to an mp3?

  3. It’s so long that I’m watching it / listening to it over a few days, so I will drop my feedback in the G+ comments for the vid.

    However, I’d like to say thanks just for getting offnyou r butts and doing it!

  4. I think doing videos in digestible 30 minute chunks makes them a lot more accessible to people. Choose one or two topics to discuss and you should be fine. If one topic ends up dominating the conversation, then move the second topic to the next discussion.

    That said, I’ve watched about half of the panel and am really enjoying it. I look forward to seeing more from y’all.

  5. The front end of it stretched out a bit but the last half was good and informative- for me at least.  I would recommend doing shorter more concise segments.  Overall I appreciate the effort you all put in. 

  6. I dislike videos; I’d be far more likely to listen to a podcast…

     I watched about 15 minutes of it before I was too restless to continue. Listening while I did other things would have been far better.

  7. Just finished watching the video. Very informative and interesting ideas and insights. I like that you managed to stay on the given topic. One person answering the question on the second half and the others chiming in with their opinion worked really well. And yeah, I too would appreciate an audio-only version. Thanks for your effort, I’m looking forward to the Fronts episode!

  8. The Good

     1) How to set up a Campaign was great. DW is great for one shots, but I was really concerned it wasn’t a good vehicle for a long term campaign. I am now convinced it can work for longer games as well.

    2) The User submitted Q&A was interesting and informative. Many of the same questions I have were covered by the panel.

    3) I liked that some topics were “called for” by specific people – it speeds up the discussion and provides a focused answer. If there are divergent views, maybe just allow 30 seconds for rebuttal

    The Bad

    1) Too long. An hour is a enough time. Set a hard limit on response time for each question or for the entire show and stick to it.

    2) Panelists talking over each other. Use a ” talking stick” method to moderate who can talk when. “When I hold the Stick, no one else may talk.”

    3) The bathroom “humor” was a bit too much, but the panel was “live” and these things happen.

    Overall, I really enjoyed the conversation. I hope there are more of these posted in the future.

  9. I also felt it was a bit raw and too long. However when you want to do a 30-45min format you can only do this with 1-3 people. 5 people in such short format is wasted.

  10. It was entertaining and informative, but it took a few sittings to make it through the whole thing. I missed the chance to ask questions so it would be good to have a follow up maybe with a few less people to keep it at a more digestible length. Thanks for putting it together and hope to see some more videos or podcast.

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