Grim World Update!

Grim World Update!

Grim World Update!  After our Kickstarter hit its goal on the first day, we announced stretch goals.  In true Dungeon World fashion, we left BLANKS!  We need your ideas for super cool stretch goals!

We should also be hitting our first stretch goal today, Ancient Horrors (Monster Pack) + Doom Approaches (Fronts/Arcs)!  Then it’s on to the BLANK stretch goal (hint, hint) and Cursed Magic Items.

Want more playable species, classes, fronts/arcs, locations, monsters, or something even crazier?  Let us know!

12 thoughts on “Grim World Update!”

  1. How about some Dreadful Life Moves, for when characters come back to life but are marked (or the world is marked) by their unnatural return?

  2. How about a higher level (moneywise; to soak up the impact) 7th class? Give yourself time to consider evocative options.

    Or, better, perhaps ask Deanna to contribute more artwork for the game as-is, without any more writing/fluff: A page comic, or more stills of 1-2 characters together doing something (full color or simply B&W)

  3. Some suggestions/examples/principles on picking races or species appropriate for a GRIM WORLD campaign would be cool.

    Compendium classes, magic items? Death moves for the basic Dungeon World classes maybe? (I may have already thought of several but there’s a few like the Ranger I’m not totally satisfied with my ideas on.)

  4. Looking at the Necromancer I remembered about a 3.5 prestige class, the Fleshwarper. In short, a total maniac who used pieces of aberrations to “improve” his own body. I loved it and I think a Compendium Class about it would not be too far from the general tone of Grim World. 🙂

  5. I have this hint: what about special rules for domains corrupted and bonded to evil personalities? Ways to create them, as if they were steadings or dangers. You know what I mean: something that winks at Ravenloft.

  6. I agree with the idea to have Death Moves for the basic Dungeon World classes as well. It seems to me that those are basically your killer app for this supplement — they epitomize everything your work is about here. It would be a shame if one had to play one of the new classes in order to participate in this Death Move aspect.

    Another way to go would be to do Death Moves not according to which class you are when you die, but according to the manner of your death. (e.g. If you’re absorbed by the Gelatinous Man of Kalthar, it will take your form and take your name, and try to live the live you lived [oooh. Compendium class? hmmm])

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