5 thoughts on “Does anybody have any tips for playing DW with a horror edge?”

  1. How so? Have you seen the *World games Tremulus, Monster of the Week, Undying and Monsterhearts? All are good for mining GM agendas and principles, fronts, threats and moves from.

  2. I think this is a case where it’s all about how the DM rus the game, rather than mechanics. You could change the DW Agenda and Principles to reflect a horror setting, but it’s not totally necessary. It’s more of a GM reminder.

    Flavor the fiction with horrific elements and you can run “vanilla” DW as a horror game.

  3. Here’s an awesomely horrible…  no wait, horribly awesome move from Jvie on the SA forums, almost verbatim:

    The party wakes up at some point in the dungeon they were planning to enter with painful stings or injection marks on their back or neck and no memory of the attack, nor the last several hours. 

    Roll +CON, on a 10+, pick 2.  On a 7-9, pick 1.  On a 6, pick one anyway and see below.

    * you don’t take 1d6+3 damage

    * you don’t forget something important

    * you don’t suffer -1 ongoing, until you find a cure.

    On a 6, some of the poison has reached your spine, also choose 1:

    * full paralysis will occur in 6 hours lasting about 1 day.

    * it takes months or years for the (permanent) paralysis to set in, but finding a cure will be a substantial problem.

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