WizardWeek guys!

WizardWeek guys!

WizardWeek guys! 

(let’s get it as least as kick-ass as Druid Week was!)

sadly i can’t invite you all at once… So share it with your Dungeon World friends and invite them to come. 

Originally shared by T. Franzke

Class Week is a chance for all the people that love Dungeon World to come together and be creative. Let’s share new content for the given class and discuss it’s fictional and mechanical possibilities. Let’s check the moves again in depth and see what can be done with them if applied creatively.

Any rules questions about them? We got you covered. 

Class Week runs at the last of  every month. 

August – WIZARD WEEK! 

“Official Schedule” of X Week

22.-28 Juli – Thief Week

26-1. August – Wizard Week

23.-29. September – Paladin Week

21.-27. Oktober – Bard Week

25.-30. November – Ranger Week 

16-22. December – Cleric Week (earlier because of holidays)

Check out the Hashtags #FighterWeek , #ThiefWeek  and #DruidWeek  for bygone ClassWeeks.