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  1. For the TLDR crowd, as per Adam Koebel:

    “They’re separate. The Journey is too perilous to Make Camp without a separate, concerted action. You zoom out, make the roll, and see how the journey goes. If it’s interrupted part way by a monster or something, the journey is over. You’ve stopped. Like an attack that didn’t connect, the action is over. So you deal with what’s at hand, take stock of the situation and say “okay, what now?” and maybe the answer is “Make Camp”. Maybe it’s “let’s continue” in which case, it’s a new journey.

    You consume rations as you travel – that represents the short rests at the roadside or in caves or wherever. They’re not “making camp” so you don’t get to level up or anything. You’re resting because that’s how it goes, but it’s not the same.”

  2. The easiest way to tell is that the perilous journey move doesn’t say you gain hp and the make camp move has a different trigger. You might sleep or take a nap along the way, but the journey is all. You can always make camp before you leave, though.

    Well, not always but you know what I mean.

    Sleeping =/= Make Camp

  3. Thanks guys! Eric Lochstampfor I had seen that thread but there wasn’t an explicit mention of HP in the discussion so I figured I’d ask all the same.

    On a tangent (the other thread), it’s interesting that the Perilous Journey essentially ends when you zoom in. Since there is a high likelihood that some sort of monster may attack you (especially if there is no scout or they roll poorly), then it seems like many time a Perilous Journey will be taken in several “hops” depending on how long it is and how often something attacks the group.

  4. The idea is to try and fictionally position your way into the least perilous journey possible. Take a safe road, travel with guards, check the weather first.

    Reduce the hostility of the territory beforehand such that instead of triggering a move, you simply go from place to place.

  5. That being the case then is there some guidelines for the GM as to when characters should encounter something on a Perilous Journey? Even on 10+ it seems like there is a chance you’ll run across something, but you’ll surprise it rather than you. Is the idea that we let the fiction dictate generally what we may or may not run across and then adjust based on the result of the rolls?

  6. Follow the GM principles and agenda. The guideline is the fiction you’ve established.

    Admittedly, that can come off as a flippant answer, but look at what’s happening in play, what you’ve established together about the place you’re in, the kind of adversity it represents, and the dangers at play. Look at your Fronts. Do you have a Grim Portent that says “The Hunters fall upon the PCs”? Hit ’em with it.

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