Wow, over 2070 members allready :)

Wow, over 2070 members allready 🙂

Wow, over 2070 members allready 🙂

I remember this forum not long ago barely reaching the 600 🙂

Just wanted the share this:

In all this years of roleplaying, I started 1985 or 6 , it was all about rules, rules and more rules.

Not at the beginning, because it was like magic was happening and I was even dreaming about whatwas going on in the game (so my parents told me because I was talking in my sleep:)

But just a little bit later I was the GM and reading the rules.

And that was it, it was all about the rules.

Discussions about how you could build in a rule to avoid a blow in D&D etc.

This went on and on and on for years.

D&D, AD&D, Midgard (a german rpg), Shadowrun, Savage Worlds,  Earthdawn, Exalted, Hell on Earth, D&D 3rd/4th/Pathfinder, Elric/Stormbringer (my favorite Novels btw).

I always liked dark fantasy like elric and dark sun.

I never found the right rules systems for these settings.

As a fan of 4e I hated how Wizard abandoned 4e and then I heard about 13th Age.

I spend the money and waited until it was being developed.

Meanwhile I discovered Dungeon World and thought I´ll give it a try

and see if my players like it.

After reading the rules, in which I had a hard time recognizing I did it all wrong and how to throw all my rpg habits down the drain, we finally had a session and everyone was blown away.

We all, especially me, re-learned how to play rpg and got the magic back 😀

My players are 99% casual and 1 person hardcore gamer ^^

Everyone! likes dungeon world !:)

YES, DW rocks!!! and 13th age has to go to the shelf for a while 😀

DW is the masterpiece (not like I mentioned in a wotc forum 4e ^^) 

Thanx for having back my fantasy gaming.

Thank you Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel.

(and according to my girl friend …unfortunatly I´m snoring in my dreams ^^)

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