10 thoughts on “Why is it that some NPC’s are missing their stats?”

  1. Probably because those aren’t meant to be combat NPCs, and so don’t need combat stats. If you want stats for them it’s easy enough to whip them up with the monster worksheet.

  2. If you stab the High Priest, he doesn’t enter combat, he just gets stabbed. There’s no “in melee” here, so Hack and Slash doesn’t happen, the GM just says what happens following their moves and agenda (which will probably result in the High Priest dying and that landing the PCs in a whole mess of trouble, or at least if I were the GM)

  3. From the book:

    “If a creature is of such a scale far beyond the players, or if it just doesn’t put up a physical fight, don’t assign it HP, damage, or armor. You can still use the monster creation rules to give it tags. The core of a stat-less monster is its instinct and moves; you can have it make its moves and act according to its instinct even without numeric stats.”

  4. Oh yes, I read it but I think at least the noble should have some fencing or swordfighting techniques 🙂

    And regarding the highpriest I thought of some highlevel cleric with some serious magic powers 😀

  5. I really appreciate all the answers and I admire LaTorra and Koebel answering these questions personally! A lot of other systems writers especially WotC should be like this 🙂

    As a fan of 13th age, I’ve never even seen Heinsoo and Tweet answering questions personally 🙂

    This and the rule lightness of DW makes me gonna stick with it !

    I really felt like I had to say this 😀

    (Btw: Where and when can I order the hard cover?)

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