…Alternatively you can describe the effects of a poison you’d like to create. The GM will tell you that you can create it, but with one or more caveats:

– It will only work under specific circumstances

– The best you can manage is a weaker version

– It’ll take a while to take effect

– It’ll have obvious side effects


So, any good ideas for poison effects?


7 thoughts on “Alchemist”

  1. Lack of errection? 

    Turns you (color)blind.

    Burns you up from the inside.

    Unleashes little parasites into your bloodstream that eat all your nutriens and slowly kill you over the years. 

    Colors your skin devil-red.

    Makes you allergic to X.

  2. -Opens your brain to the shadow-world of the dead

    -Makes everything taste like ash and horseshit

    -Causes short term memory loss. Extended use permanently destroys short term memory

    -Numbs the body to all sensation

    -Causes auditory hallucinations

    -Bones, scales, and chitin become brittle. Hair turns white

    -Struck mute

    -Palsy and involuntary shakes make delicate tasks impossible

    -Terrible pain and inflammation in joints

    -Body temperature drops dramatically, may cause shock

    -Fills subject with intense vigour and strength for 10 minutes, then heart explodes

    -Sharpens one’s intellect and acuity to genius level for a day, then reduces one to a vegetative state for 2 months, unless more is taken

    -Subject cannot speak or understand any communication

    -Subject loses all impulse control, moral judgement and social proprietary. Murder seems as reasonable as a stern talking to.

    -Subject sweats blood

    -Subject is gripped with unreasoning, consuming fear of something nearby and mundane

    -Incessant, loud, and noxious flatulence

    -Everyone looks like the person the subject trusts the most

    -Sense of touch is amplified until anything that stimulates it causes pain.

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