Behold, The Swashbuckler.

Behold, The Swashbuckler.

Behold, The Swashbuckler. I had seen a few variations before, but I felt many had some weak rules or took too much from existing classes. I think I’ve made something here that feels unique. This is a first revision, there is plenty of work to be done in regards to cleaning up language and balancing rules.

I’ve included commentary on the majority of the sheet. Let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “Behold, The Swashbuckler.”

  1. I have not yet played but this is exactly the type class I have been looking for.  I tlooks great. Keith Stetson Matthew Aaron would this be allowable once finished?

  2. Oh dear. Do yourself a favor and Google “George MacDonald Fraser” and/or “Harry Flashman.” I’d start with “Royal Flash” but they are all well worth reading.

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