12 thoughts on “I’m a bit worried I’m going to run out of steam with the unwanted attention choice.”

  1. It doesn’t always have to be new attention. The attention they already have? It gets more direct and immediate.

    Choosing the same option over and over again is an invitation for escalating results.

  2. Unwanted attention does not always have to be immediate…or directly evil… What Happens when. A good deity wants you to become his new prophet… When your not a cleric?

  3. Unwanted attention combined with some magical action is a hand-written, lovingly crafted, save-the-date invitation for some freaky entities, forces, or concepts taking notice of the player, party, or dimension they’re in.

    Put on some psychedelic tunes, plug in your lava lamp, and tell the cleric she’s just inhaled a vaporous entity from the magic cosmos, and she better strap in for a mind expanding synesthesia journey into weirdness where her senses combine, mix, and float away…

  4. So, that treasure imp just killed the cleric… I am constantly amazed at what my players will do to retain their treasure (as the Treasure Imp will leave if you just let it take a sack of coins or something)…

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