The Dungeon World Toolkit has been updated again!

The Dungeon World Toolkit has been updated again!

The Dungeon World Toolkit has been updated again!  Now with tons of new features, this Google Drive spreadsheet is your one-stop toolkit for running a Hangout or Play-By-Post game.   It includes a campaign story and loot tracker, dynamic autofilling character sheets, and complete lists of all Standard and Core Class moves for easy reference.

Michael Pearce and I hope you enjoy.  Please post here or contact us for assistance, bug reports, and feature requests.

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  1. This spreadsheet was made with love and care. No animals were harmed in the making of this product.

    In all seriousness though guys I really hope you all enjoy it. PLEASE let us know of any features or changes you would like to see made.

    And as always, don’t forget to share it with everyone you know!

  2. I can’t replicate.  If it continues to give a 404, just search Google Drive Templates for “Dungeon World Toolkit.”  It’s public.

  3. I can replicate the 404 from mobile. You’ll need to access the template to create your own copy from desktop, but after that the toolkit is completely mobile-friendly!

  4. I’m not sure if everyone else was experiencing this or not, but if you were getting validation errors in the Race, Alignment, and Status Affliction boxes I have updated the template to remove those errors. Let me know if they’re still showing.

  5. Eric Nieudan there’s actually a bug we just discovered that essentially breaks autofill for all sheets except for the default player sheet.

    We are aware of the issue and are working quickly to correct it. I hope to have it finished here soon  and will post an update when it’s ready.

    We’re incredibly sorry for any inconveniences resulting from this, and we’ll make sure this doesn’t happen again in future releases. In the meantime, thanks to everyone who is using this tool, we appreciate your understanding and support 🙂

  6. Hey no worries Michael Pearce – it’s really a minor issue, we can always write in the affected cells. The toolkit is a great resource and I’m happy to use it already.

  7. Most of my comment was on his post, so I’ll repost it here:

    First off, really awesome stuff guys, thank you!

    My first suggestion was to includes a Notes tab at the end and, perhaps, blank tables for writing in notes about characters, resolved bonds, setting, NPCs, clues, general info about the story, etc.

    Also, I know you could duplicate the Character tab for each, individual character, but one of my PbP games has 7 PCs – and that’s a lot of tabs!

    Is there any way to include multiple copies of the Character tables and functions in that one tab? So you’d scroll down to see more characters (and if you have less in a game, they’ll just stay blank) – or is that asking too much? I tried a simple copy + paste after selecting all, but that didn’t work (didn’t really think it would).

    If not, or if it’s too much work (I totally understand) is there a way to merge tabs at the bottom into a folder of some sort? I looked and didn’t see an option for it, but I figured I’d ask in case there is and I keep missing it.

  8. Misha Polonsky: A Notes section on the PC sheet is in the works for the v5 release, but we can definitely add a communal Notes tab as well.  Thanks for the idea!

    We’ll look into ways to tidy and organize multiple player sheets.  Putting them into a single sheet would have some usability issues; each player deserves an equal quick-reference of their character; I feel player #5 shouldn’t have to scroll down a bunch, and there’s really no “folder” solution within GDrive Sheets.Michael Pearce and I will hash it out once we have all the v4 features debugged.  In the meantime, each player could simply try to keep the name of their tab as short as possible (PC name or Player name but not both, perhaps) for easier visibility.

  9. Josh McGraw Sweet – a notes section for the PC sheet is a great idea as well.

    I get what you’re saying with multiple sheets on one page and having to scroll down defeats the purpose of quick-reference.

    Is there any formula you could throw into the Home tab, so that each of the PCs names that you list at the top have links that go to their PC sheet/tab? That way, you could probably make all the Characters hidden and just access them through the links on the Home tab. Is that possible?

    I’m not great with all the formulas and code in Google Spreadsheets, so I don’t know what’s possible and what’s not.

  10. Alright everyone, I’ve uploaded a fix for the automation bug to the template file. Sorry this took a little longer than anticipated, but fixing this issue required a complete rewrite of the entire automation framework.

    The new system uses actual scripts now, so every character sheet in the workbook should benefit from automation.

    I will admit that since I’ve been working nonstop on this fix for the past 6+ hours, there may be a minor bug or two that I’ve missed. HOWEVER, I’m 99.99% certain that character sheet automation is completely functional as of right now.

    Also, the new framework is almost completely undocumented, so I apologize to those adventurous folks looking to tinker and hack around. I’ll be going back through over the next couple of days to cleanup/document the new code.

    Once again a HUGE THANKS to everyone for the fantastic support and patience while we worked to resolve the issue. We promise we won’t let such an obvious bug slip by us in the future 😉

    If there are any other issues you encounter, or questions you need answered please let us know. Josh McGraw  and myself are more than happy to assist 🙂

  11. If Google Drive is to be believed, >60 groups started using this since I posted it yesterday. As Michael Pearce and I look toward the next version, what features would you guys like to see that haven’t already been addressed?

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