17 thoughts on “Is there a good gamma world type hack out there for DW?”

  1. I wrote Omega World, a Gamma World hack for DW and ran it at the last go play northwest. It’s super rough and unfinished but I could share it with you if you want.

  2. If you wanted to go Gamma World, wouldn’t Apocalypse World be better suited for it? I think with minimal effort you could get that gonzo/wacky/silly flavor from GW into it no problem. And it already has the Apocalypse baked into it!

    Kingston Cassidy I’m a huge GW nut, I know I’d love to see it!

    Man, I sound totally contradictory in this post. 😛

  3. I was wondering if it would be as simple as taking heritage moves from dark heart of the dreamer, plus the mutant and robot (android) playbooks from dungeon planet. Not sure what to do for pure strains though, and how to handle multiple mutants characters or humans. Thanks.

    Probably a few custom moves. Adding to the principles would give it a gw feel vs. aw feel.

  4. I used the heritage moves as the starting point for all mutant powers/cyborg parts/psychic powers. Pure strain humans get two starting alignments thus slightly faster advancement.

  5. With all that you can do with the Mutant, GW seems like it hardly needs a hack.  I mean, a GW hack would be mostly flavor, add some tech items and…  

    Hmmm…  I think the last time I played GW was in 1984, I can’t even remember the details of the setting anymore. 

    Oh, I will, however, emphatically recommend the use of The Metamorphica by Johnstone Metzger .

    Upon some further contemplation, perhaps you could use some of the DW classes, some things from The Metamorphica and a Mutant compendium class.

  6. Where does one get metamorphica?

    Have you got a chance to play test any if the rules above?

    One thing I was wondering is how you get zany random rolls for mutations. I’ll have to go read the heritage move again.

    My memories of gamma world is the zany cryptic alliances – my favorite being the men in black- with their standard greeting of “just the facts ma’am”. That plus bunnies that turn metal into rubber. Oh and killer death bots. And black ray guns. There is so much out there. Fact if you count metamorphis alpha and omega world (one if my favorite incarnations) gamma world has the most editions of any tsr game – each one with its own flavor of system ranging from colored chart tables to alternity. By far my most memorable and favorite gaming moments have been with crazy ads gamma world. With modern tech you can even add crazy ass tech that was never in the originals. I would totally think there would be a story teller class and a nano-sorcerer class (that has managed to assimilate an army of nanobots in his body to do pseudo magical stuff – would probably riff off the Mage or the priest class).

    With all the wireless tech today I could see a dowser cc class that sees the wireless networks with a custom move to read them with a specific spout lore type move.

  7. There’s a World of Dungeons knock-off called World of Mutants, but I’m having trouble finding it now. There might be a WoDu resource thread on story-games?

    There weren’t any rules for mutations, but there are a million random tables online for that kind of thing. You could just treat them as tags.

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