Many of us play Dungeon World online, whether by Hangouts or Play-By-Post methods.

Many of us play Dungeon World online, whether by Hangouts or Play-By-Post methods.

Many of us play Dungeon World online, whether by Hangouts or Play-By-Post methods.  But tracking character sheets for a widely-separated group can be tricky!  I’ve built a spreadsheet in Google Drive that can be used to track campaign progress, party loot & coin, and complete individual character sheets.

This is under continued development, so feedback and feature requests are welcome.  Enjoy!

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  1. I’ve actually been using this sheet for the past week, and added some enhancements for auto-completion and such. The changes are based on the standard playbooks, but it’s easy to add or change the formulas to include other playbooks. 

    EDIT: Josh McGraw please feel free to implement the changes I made as you see fit, or not at all. If you need a detailed list of changes, just let me know. 

  2. Certainly, I’m involved in a PbP game run by Michael Barrett and it’s been good fun so far. It’s also been my first experience with the slower rate that PbP entails, I still love how creative these people are though!

  3. Michael Pearce I can’t actually see any of the formulas or autocompletes since you linked us comment-only permissions.  I’d love to get a look under the hood, though, if you want to share an editable version with me directly.  I’m always looking for potential upgrades!

    Ash Wilson Indeed it can!  Sean Gomes ran a magnificent PbP that I would highly suggest reading for the excellent GM techniques, to say nothing of the great story and characterization (I played Cyrus the Paladin).  You can find that here:

  4. So it looks like you made Damage and Max HP autocalc off of the “class” field?  Awesomesauce.  I might steal it if I can find a way to work it in.  Might do the same for Max Weight, too, since that’s along the same lines, a hand-entry field that’s easy enough to figure from a formula.

  5. The class field suggests the base classes as you type, and even has a drop down menu for quick selection.

    Damage and HP autocalc off of class. Max Load also autocalcs off of Class and Strength. The skill modifiers auto calc off of the related skill.

    I’m thinking about having the Alignment and Racial descriptions auto calc too, but that will take some work.

    Also I was considering stripping out all the hardcoded data in the formulas and instead referencing cells from a hidden data sheet with proper formating to make customization easier. What do you think about that?

  6. Hidden data sheet would be MUCH easier than hacking it together within the play sheet itself.  You wanna work with me on development?  I can invite you to the Test sheet.

  7. Feature requests are welcome, too.  If there’s anything the template isn’t doing yet that you think would be really handy, please comment!

  8. Ash Wilson , and anyone else who is interested in pbp, I invite you to join and join our pbp community that has been expanded and rejeuvinated by DW.

    Just let me know your username here, or there by pm, so I can give you permissions and you don’t get deleted as a spambot.

  9. Sure.  I’m not familiar with it, but I just took a look and I don’t see why not.  Let me summon the site owner:  Misha Polonsky .  

    Josh McGraw , help us understand what Tapatalk brings to the table.

  10. Richard Robertson by enabling Tapatalk, you will help drive user activity. Since Tapatalk allows quick access to forum content while on a mobile device, users can easily interact on the forums from everywhere.

    An alternative to Tapatalk would be to add a mobile skin for the forums, but that would take a bit more work.

    I know for me personally over 90% of my interactions with the forums I frequent are done via my mobile using Tapatalk or the mobile version of the site. I would hazard a guess that most other people are the same.

  11. There is one drawback to Tapatalk thought that I should mention, and that is that it doesn’t allowed ads to be displayed, so if you depend on ad revenue for your forums there’s a chance those revenues could go down.

  12. Richard Robertson: What Michael said.  Tapatalk is a plugin that enables easy forum reading from an Android/iOS app, far more user-friendly than browsing forums via a regular browser-based “mobile version” or even the desktop version.  Quite a few free forum hosts offer native support, or else you can install it yourself (the plugin is free).

    I post from my phone much of the time, and even when I’m not able to actively post, I often read posts while mobile and consider my response for later.

    Since you’re using a free forum host, the drawback Michael Pearce mentioned probably isn’t even a concern.

  13. That sounds awesome!  Many of us have complained about posting from our phones!  Also, we don’t use ads, so that’s a non-drawback.  Misha Polonsky will make the final decision, but it seems like a no-brainer to me.

    So, have you guys registered, yet?

  14. You know, I was going to mention GotEXP here as well and just didn’t get the chance to yet! Glad Rich beat me to it. Josh McGraw So you’re good now? Everything works?

  15. P.S. I will look into Tapatalk — I try and browse the forums from work sometimes; but posting is a nightmare! So I just read when there’s downtime/on my measly lunch break, and post when I get home.

  16. Also, if anyone else wants to register on GotEXP – just shout out to me or Richard Robertson (we’re both the admins of the site) and we’ll get the CAPTCHA shields lowered for you and help get you registered. They’re up there, because I have no other way to prevent massive amounts of spam bots from registering and mucking up our forums. 

  17. This is actually a fantastic document. So glad that you came along to share it. I honestly say that it’s a really god send to me and my group just for keeping track of everything that’s going on. 

    I’m pretty new to google drive, if i have a copy of this saved on mine, will any updates you make the to previous document change automatically?

  18. Nope, but copying and pasting over from your existing version should be a breeze. Glad you’re finding it useful!

    One of these days I should update this thing to the new Sheets, at least.

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