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  1. Depends on what they roll. If its a 6-, then yes. Downsides include, both hands occupied and something else happens that you could have prevented with a free hand. Softer, hard choice: drop a weapon or just let it happen. Use up a resource, your extra weapon gets pinned or disarmed. You’re the biggest threat, addition enemies break away to focus on you.

  2. If they don’t have a move for it and, assuming it’s a close weapon in the primary hand and a hand weapon in the off hand, they just gain the hand tag.  And, as noted above, both hands are full.

  3. With 2 weapons its maybe easier to deal with 2 enemies at one but you lack the protection of a shield or flexibility of a free hand.

  4. Also with two weapons. Think weapon tags. Especially when you get into the realms of magical weapons. Maybe one weapon has +2 damage, but your other hand is a spear with reach.

    Other than that, you’re looking at more of the fiction behind it.

  5. What nice feedback! I’m writing a extended version of Dungeon World Guide for brazilian portuguese language (DW is coming out here in a few weeks). I’m taking notes from your advices. 

  6. Tim Franzke, point taken, but there are a number of two-weapon styles like rapier and dagger where one is used primarily for defense. Should those styles offer custom moves that reflect this, like a +1 armor against hand or close attacks?

    To me, the trade off is that you don’t get the +1 armor from the shield. A person duel wielding is more vulnerable to ranged attacks. And if you are in a situation where you’re dealing with a monster with a contact effect like touch poison, I’d be wishing for a shield.

  7. Chuck Durfee, you have to remember that actual action-hero coolness is a desireable element per se, especially in a game in which “character builds” are not that important, such as DW.

    Also, if you want cool moves to represent particular dual sword styles… compendium classes?!

  8. Agreed, Alberto Muti , I agree that character builds aren’t important. However, I also think character choices are important. If a character is going to eschew a shield in favor of another combat style, I think it’s worth asking if there’s a mechanical advantage to using that style. I think that in games like DW, narrative should trump rules.

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