Scott McGougan you wanted to know about Basilisks right.

Scott McGougan you wanted to know about Basilisks right.

Scott McGougan you wanted to know about Basilisks right. 

You carefully open the heavy stone doors. The first thing you see are a pair of statues of dwarf brothers wielding a long and heavy spear together. As your eyes adjust to the weird light in the room you see more of those livelike statues. You seem to finally have found it’s hiding place. What did you bring with you to help slay that foul creature? 

(i am making multiple moves here. change the environment and point to a looming threat. Then i am also asking a question and will build on the answer. Just to give you a cool thing you can use against a basilisk. Only a fool would go without proper equipment right?) 

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  1. Very nice!  If you feel like you’re on a roll and want to carry through with it to give an example of the encounter with said basilisk, I’d really like to see how folks are handling monster moves such as the basilisk’s “turn flesh to stone with a gaze.”

    For that matter, if anybody wants to share how a slice of gameplay has been affected by GM or Monster moves, the more the merrier.

  2. I see what you did there…

    The smell of the rancid griffon fat unguent they had bought from the old witch in his tree-hut smeared on their skin was bringing Georg dangerously close to tossing his trail rations. It didn’t help that they worked up a sweat fighting off the hyenas that were drawn by the unguent’s reek.  Eber insisted that they not put it on ’til the last minute for this very reason, but there wouldn’t really be time to lather up once the basilisk had pounced would there?

  3. The arch-gem the source off all mind-magic is glistening in the distance but to get close to it you probarbly have to walk through this stature garden.

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