A play report from our 15th session of DW.

A play report from our 15th session of DW.

A play report from our 15th session of DW.

Originally shared by Jason Cordova

Some pics from last night’s game of DW. 

This one saw the party taking their brand new ship out for a spin to the Hydra Isle (so named, allegedly, because of the rock formations off the coast that look like hydra heads). After gaining some info at the tiny fishing village of Tenth Head, the party set out across the jungle, to the cove on the other side of the island. 

While traveling across the island, the party encountered a group of lizard folk dragging something on a sled, covered by a tarp. The party determined that whatever was under that tarp, it would be destroyed/ruined if sunlight hit it. 

Most of the session was spent in a cave system near the cove, where the party encountered more lizard men, along with a crocodilian, ankhegs, and ropers (one of which caused our dwarf artificer to take his Last Breath). Ultimately, the party did battle with a hydra (it turns out THAT’S why they call it Hydra Isle). After slaying the beast, they retrieved one of its eggs from its lair (along with a weapon of legend, the Bone Glaive, the handle of which is said to have been crafted from the spines of three ancient, evil kings). 

As they dragged the egg out of the cave and into the sunlight, it broke apart. They surmised that the lizard folk they encountered in the jungle must be breeding hydras, and that it was hydra eggs they were transporting on the covered sled.. They decided to head back to Tenth Head to warn the villagers.

Upon arriving in Tenth Head, they found that everyone in the village had been massacred, including their ship’s captain, Merek Halworth. The session ended with the party looking out to sea, where their ship was anchored, and watching as a pair of hydras tore the ship apart and made a meal of the crew. 

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  1. I generally use an assortment of glass-drop beads for EVERYTHING (PCs, mobs, whatever), so these would really help the PCs pop a lot better.  I’m ordering a set.  Thanks for the idea Jason.

  2. Josh McGraw I didn’t even realize Great Hall had a website, or I would have included a link in my earlier comment. 

    But yes, these pawns are working out well. I also have poker chips (green, black, and red) in three different sizes I use for the monsters, which also works like a charm. 

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