4 thoughts on “how much hold can i spend at once?”

  1. Yes, you can. Hold is “currency” you gain through a successful or partially successful move, and you can spend it at will to do whatever the move lets you do.

  2. of course following the fiction applies: if you roll a Defend by standing between you group’s wizard and a furious gnoll, you roll the dice and take you hold. You can keep the holds and spend them when you want and how you want but if your character goes to the other side of the battlefield following an escaping foe… well that’s not much he can do for the poor wizard left alone among gnolls, is it? At least, that’s not much he can do if his way of defening someone is standing, armored and shielded between a menace and its target.

  3. The Defend move actually makes it really clear that “So long as you stand in defense, when you or the thing you defend is attacked you may spend hold…”  

    I see no reason you couldn’t spend it all at once or string it out.  But, when you are doing other things, you can’t.

    So, this raises the question, when you do other things, do you lose the hold?  If I’m defending, then do some fighting and go back to defending, will I have lost any hold I had earlier?

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