Hey DW Tavern!

Hey DW Tavern!

Hey DW Tavern!

Ever wonder if there was a way to let the GM get involved in the PC action?

DW is oddly capable of a “Moving GM” setup in which each player has a character and a danger that they wish to portray.

It’s still very basic but here’s what I’ve come up with so far:


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  1. This could very well work! I suspect you would need more rules to handle narrative responsibility – can a GM describe situations involving somebody else’s danger for example? And what about fronts, are they shared, specific to one GM, not used at all?

  2. This would result in lots and lots of XP! With 6- always granting XP to a PC and 10+ always granting XP to the GM or PC, the majority of rolls will result in someone gaining XP. By my math, that is XP is awarded 55% of the time when the roll’s +bonus is +0 to +2, and upwards of 70% of the time when outside of that range.

    I suggest modifying rule 4 to simply award XP for the GM at the end of a scene if no other player opts to take the seat. Either that or the GM marks XP at the beginning of a scene. (That would give XP to the player starting off as the GM.)

  3. Apologies for the slight detour here.


    Eric Nieudan Diaspora is an older, third party system based off of FATE (not the recently release FATE Core).

    It is a hard sci-fi rule set with world/solar system building, space ship battles, etc.

    The rules suggest that the GM should make a character too because one of the players might have a story idea they want to see play out in the same world and the GM’s character can already be apart of the world and have participated in the shared character creation process (similar to other FATE games).


  4. Does each GM need to bring a danger with them just so that they have an idea in their pocket? 

    I assume that the new GM just picks up the fiction from where it left off, and they wouldn’t necessarily need a prepared danger front, they could just adlib it.  

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