20 thoughts on “#DruidWeek  When a Druid uses a hold do do an animal move, does that just make it happen?”

  1. Think of it like a GM monster move. The Druid still has to do it to do it. Check the link to the discussion I posted earlier today. It’s helpful

  2. I typically treat them like monster moves and they just happen.  I view the Shapeshifting roll as “earning” a few iconic moves (Hold) as that creature, no need to roll again.

  3. From what I’ve seen posted by Sage LaTorra it seems like that is the case – they are moves like monster moves.  That said, there’s a lot of trying to figure out what is appropriate fiction for a given situation.  If my druid shapeshifts into a ‘Jaguar’ with the ‘Pounce & Rend’ move, and then attacks, my guess is that he should do his class damage (1d6) + possibly taking the creature to the ground.

    I used to think the ‘auto-move’ for ‘holds’ was overpowered, but if you take the class damage into consideration then he’s not tearing through everything.

  4. Michael Barrett I wouldn’t limit the druid to class damage. I’d let him rend. Of course, not everything is equally vulnerable to panther bite.

  5. what Michael Walsh  said.  It’s all about how you do it, right?  Like, you might have to Defy Danger if you want to “Bite and Rend” against something that’s particularly well defended, but if you angle it right, that move can be an instant kill.  

    The Druid is the single most “power gamer” class in the game but only because if you’re a skilled narrator and know how to leverage your shit, you can really get a lot of mileage out of the “spend hold, get effect” aspect of the move.

  6. Per Adam Koebel and powergamerism: it’s also the class that allows – nay, encourages – frequent use of a

    skill that always involves a roll. Which means more failures. Which means XP.

    Following the fiction, one can absolutely imagine a particular Druid having “shapeshift ADD” that can’t remain in one form for long. Add to that a Wisdom of 8? Sure, why not. But mechanically, that’s just abusing the system. One solution is to occasionally permit shifts without dice or hold, as befits the story.

  7. One way you could do shapeshift is to make shapeshift a roll as it is, but more like hack & slash, in that if there is no danger, you just do it with no roll.

    You could then stay in form a lot longer, and get small tag bonuses depending on form, but have to use a separate move to activate the “animal moves”.

    That way, as said you could permit shifts for free when it is safe, but ask for rolls for spending hold in this form. 

  8. But that you have to change the trigger. When you shapeshift into an animal and you are under stress- as an example. Otherwise, when you trigger a move you roll it. Same with casting a spell, you have to roll every time, even for light.

  9. Why not just make moves when they miss? Reveal unwelcome truths about wasting their divine nature powers, tell them the consequences and ask, deal damage…

  10. Actually, yeah – I think I’ve seen it said before that the GM doesn’t get to make a move in this case.. that said, that does seem a bit overpowered.  When can a GM make a move against a druid who is constantly shifting then?

  11. When there is a prewritten 6- result the GM doesn’t get a move. The GM can make a move when everyone is looking at him, when the Druid fails another move and when there is a golden opportunity (there is often 1 when the druid just spend his 1 hold and is now transforming back)

  12. Is that how people view the shifting back?  As a golden opportunity?

    Provided the druid is proactive (not looking to the GM), using his new forms moves (no need to roll) then the only thing left is golden opportunities- which all the examples that I find in the book (the term is mentioned 4 times) are when players don’t do something to deal with the fiction.

  13. You mauled the head of 1 of the zombies and transform back to human form. You are now sorrounded by Zombies and they start to claw at your face. What do you do?

  14. When you used your Eagle Shape to “fly up in the sky” your hold is spend. You can continue to fly but the second you touch something that can support you you turn back. What do you do?

  15. Actually, yeah, it makes sense – not sure what I was thinking.  Even if he’s still in bear form and has hold it doesn’t mean that nothing is going to attempt to grab him.  THe zombies he’s surrounded by “reach out, trying to dig their teeth into your bear flesh” – sure, they can use  “Maul”, but that’s just taking out a single zombie, and they’re effectively presenting a golden opportunity by ignoring the other zombies attacking them.

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