3 thoughts on “#DruidWeek Druid Compendium Class by Rob Cain”

  1. A Hive Master would be danged awesome!

    The idea of Protect The Mother is pretty cool, but I would rather say that the swarm isn’t under your clothes, but rather on them and that they harass those that attack you, granting a +1 to armor.

    Control the Swarm needs to be made more clear in that you only take the move one time and that it determines the traits of your swarm.

    I would like to see a “Disease” tag for the swarm.

    When changing size to that of an ant, I would think it more appropriate to have the STR bonus set to -3. Afterall, you are tiny!

    The Check in, don’t check out move is interesting and could really change the course of a game. It brings up questions about shape shifting from the swarm back into the druid’s original form – if that is possible, then is there anything really different after escaping death through this move?

  2. I’ll happily add a Disease tag and take some of the ideas into it.

    The way I saw Check In, Don’t check out was more you going into the swarm itself, and you being able to control the insects, it having your memories and knowledge and being able to attack, but you wouldn’t be able to transform, maybe into other bugs or big bugs. But you’d not take on, say, your human form again.

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