2 thoughts on “Trying to think of how to make maps in inverse world hurts my brain”

  1. Think of it like a galaxy or star system, except every star is an island of whatever size you want it to be. And then any given island can be mapped up in normal ways.

  2. Don’t forget to map the underside!

    Probably solar system style for accuracy, but think about how the cultures would make their maps. If the islands have their own asynchronous orbits around Sola where they pass near each other during different parts of the calendars there’s an extra level of complication. Perhaps a front, side, and top view with ellipses to display orbits.

    There may also be a number of different calendars, since each continent may have its own orbit at a different speed or direction. A destabilised island may smash into another, changing both their orbits that may result in more collisions!

    These things don’t necessarily need to be represented in a map. The continents may move slowly enough that you wouldn’t need to change their position for most of the game if its only over a few weeks.

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