18 thoughts on “The eternal question: Are you your own ally?”

  1. I guess the real question is to the authors/creators… is the term “Ally” intended to have a distinct in-game meaning? Or is it just a fluff word intended to be interpreted however one wishes?

  2. In general, I treat ally as including yourself.  I handle strange cases on a case by case basis.  A paladin, for example, would need to roll 10+ in order to heal himself, since otherwise he both heals and harms himself for the same amount and it’s a wash.

  3. It’s never come up in a game, but I think I’d allow 1 try, and the result stands for the current damage total.  The cleric can cast Cure Lt Wnds on himself, I don’t see why allowing a paladin 1 chance to beseech his god to heal him with a 10+ needed to succeed would be game breaking.

  4. Yeah, the Paladin is a case that kind of works either way. I’d say that on a 7-9 self-Lay-on-Hands you get some kind of complication, not just “now you’ve got your own wounds.” Getting rid of it doesn’t hurt anything either.

  5. I’m with Jeff Johnston , it is a divinely granted power so if you need to renew yourself to keep up the fight why not?

    I think I would limit it if the player started using it selfishly, for example healing himself when there are other wounded to mend.  (and even that may depend on the god . . . )

  6. I know Sage’s answer; I’ve seen it before. But the book has some things which say “Yourself or an ally”, which suggests they’re distinct. The 2nd Ed ought to do something about that.

    For my game, I followed the standard advice of the DW forum, and asked each player who their allies were, and each gave a different answer; the Cleric’s allies include himself (anyone willing to pray to his God), the Wizard’s don’t (those bereft of Arcane magic). 

  7. Well, it would suggest they’re distinct if the book is written in exclusive language and not in “we’re just folks talkin'” language. I lean more towards the latter option in my interpreting of the text. It’s just folks talkin’. Still, I like your  in game  style 🙂

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