Compendium Class: Drink Deeply

Compendium Class: Drink Deeply

Compendium Class: Drink Deeply

I originally posted this looking for feedback, but I never posted what I ended up with.  So here is “Drink Deeply,” a compendium class.

There is a lot left implied on the sheet, partially because it’s obvious in my campaign, and partially because there is supposed to be uncertainty and mystery.  The class is essentially for Maenads, the savage, drunken followers of Dionysus (most obvious in the Join/Lead the Party moves). The equivalent goddess in my game is Malini, and she also comes with a dash of the otherworldly; which is why Comprehend the Path.  Host the Party comes with a pile of campaign specific baggage.

Obviously, taking this class is a terrible idea.  Equally obviously, two of my PCs have taken it.  I love Dungeon World so much.

3 thoughts on “Compendium Class: Drink Deeply”

  1. I like it. Just two things.

    I don’t understand what this move is supposed to do: 

     Comprehend the Path

    You can now comprehend the strange twisting of interdimensional connections. You can navigate such spaces as though they were normal 3-space. 

    And it’s totally missing a “you become immune to metal weapons” move. Maybe only when you are drunk. 

  2. Comprehend the Path is pretty campaign specific; early answers in the game led to a Lovecraftian vibe with non-Euclidean spaces. These are present in several parts of the world and are difficult to traverse. Malini is tightly connected to them, and her followers can travel them without serious problems.

    I’m not sure what you’re asking about the metal weapons. Is this a detail of the Maenad myth I’m unfamiliar with?  While Malini and her followers are inspired by Dionysus/Maenads, it was a loose inspiration.

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