Can we talk about GM moves for various dangers.

Can we talk about GM moves for various dangers.

Can we talk about GM moves for various dangers. When is a good time to use these? Are they in between grim portents? Or are they a guide for how to write your grim portents for a danger?

On a similar point. Is there a good way to write grim portents to engage players who don’t care if they leave destruction in their wake?

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  1. Ummm…make sure the impending doom is aimed at the PCs?

    Stakes question #1: What will Augustine do when the leader of his holy order is crucified.

    Stakes question #2: How will Avon react when magic starts to fade from the world?

  2. It’s valid for the PCs to decide, “meh, seems okay to me” and let an impending doom just happen.  It can be interesting. To an extent, grim portents can be a sort “fair play” for a sandbox campaign; it lets you make big changes, but the PCs had plenty of warning.

    But you do have a good point, you want to kick the PCs into action, so at least some need to specific kicks in the pants to encourage the PCs to be active. Make sure that the grim portents impact the PCs. Making them something the PCs don’t want is the reliable solution, but you can also make the grim portents something they do want and might work to encourage. To take a real example, maybe helping the followers of the god of alcohol fight prohibition is a bad idea in the long run, but it’ll certainly won’t be boring!

  3. Thanks for the responses guys. I re-wrote the grim portents for some of my threats, because I wasn’t very happy with them. I tried using the GM-moves from the dangers list, and I think the results are much better. 

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