#DruidWeek  is here!

#DruidWeek  is here!

#DruidWeek  is here! 

Originally shared by T. Franzke

Hello to all you 1802 Members of the community. 

I thought we could have a bit of fun and get creative from the 24 to the 30.  

Let’s get together and create content about the everchanging, nature using Druid. Bound to the Land and Master of Many Forms. 

Some inspirations for topics:

– big list of animal form moves

– discussion of the lands you are bound to and your telltale

– discussion of the Elemental Mastery move

– the Chimera move

– the Thing-Talker move

– new moves

– new Compendium Classes (i have at least 1)

– shapeshifter enemies

– alternate Druid concepts 

– new races/drives/aspects etc.

I am exited for #DruidWeek 


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