11 thoughts on “Mike Weem ‘s Debility cards in action with the French red box last night.”

  1. Not even counting the adult beverages, they’ve got all kinds of cool shit going on at their table!

    What other cards do I see in use there?  Monsters?  Magic items?

  2. The red box has cards for monsters, basic moves and items. The special moves are all on the cardboard ’tiles’ you can see on each side.

    The ‘Ithracette’ thing is a whiteboard foldy-standupy with the character’s name on one side and checkboxes for xp and hp. And she’s indeed an elven fighter 🙂

    No worries, Mike Weem – your cards make for a good addition to the box!

  3. That’s the one. It’s a great product indeed. On the other hand, there is a lot of material still to be translated. But hopefully we’ll get a Blue Box next year!

    Adam Piskel We use the board to draw maps and leave blanks 😉

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