Dungeon Planet Adventure Scenario

Dungeon Planet Adventure Scenario

Dungeon Planet Adventure Scenario

So, in case you aren’t aware, Jackson Tegu is running a kickstarter for new Monsterhearts skins (those are playbooks/classes). If it reaches $10,000, there are a whole bunch of stretch goals that will get done, like a larp and a Harry Potter supplement.

One of those things is Space Wurm vs. Moonicorn, a Dungeon World adventure scenario set in space, Dungeon Planet style. You won’t need Adventures on Dungeon Planet to play it, though, just Dungeon World.

This scenario revolves around two new custom DW classes: Space Wurm, who is a space tyrant and collector of all things valuable, and Moonicorn, an interstellar revolutionary and magical friend. The other PCs are caught between their rivalry and the unknown threats the GM brings to the galaxy.

That means it will include:

– At least two new classes, but probably more. There are more than 2 second skins, after all, but I only know for a certainty that the Wyrm and the Unicorn will transfer effectively.

– One of those classes gets to rule the galaxy.

– Nice art which may also be in colour.

– Rules and procedures for functional PvP rivalries and playing with large groups.

– Fronts and dangers for the GM to play with.

– And more science fantasy stuff that didn’t make it into Adventures on Dungeon Planet.

I’m also open to suggestions for additional material, like if enough people want to play it as medieval fantasy intrigue with a king and some rebels instead of sci-fi, I’ll include conversion notes for that, too.

Personally, I think I’ve got something here that will end up being worth $15 just by itself (perhaps even better than Dungeon Planet, too), never mind all the other stuff. I’m biased of course, but still.



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