6 thoughts on “Reveal the way”

  1. can you give me a more concrete example on how that would work in the fiction? I know what parley and leverage is, i just don’t understand how this is supposed to work in the game. 

  2. or is this supposed to mean 

    “they might do it if you can parley them to do it”? 

    Because this would seem like a very bad 7-9 result. 

  3. So i tell them “Hey, go and do X it will really help your cause” and they are like “no. i don’t want to do that but your adice is so good i might owe you a favour later” ?  

  4. and then you go “Hey, remember that one time i tried to counsel you and you didn’t listen? Remember what a good advisor i am. Well you see i now need your help in doing Y. Do you want to help me?” 

  5. I think it’d be more accurate to say “On a 10+, they do it. On a 7-9, they don’t do it, but they’ve taken a real liking to you anyway. They’ll listen to you when you ask them for things in the future.”

    It’s essentially a jedi mind trick.

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