Help needed!

Help needed!

Help needed!

My game and first few fronts are centred round The Starfall – a meteorite that has alien and warping magical power.

The party started out in an abandoned forest temple investigating why animals won’t go there. It’s full of goblins, who it transpires are using the Starfall as a power source to call an avatar of Malgubiyet to further their aims.

I’ve written some custom moves for when characters, if they are foolish enough, to either arcane study or ingest the Starfall. This will grant them Hold that they can spend on later magical or physical tasks, but runs the risk of gaining Mark, which represents increasing corruption by the Starfall. Both moves have “if a character has mark > CON, well, that’s bad news”.

The party’s wizard, in 3 moves, has gained 2 mark and has a CON of +0.

And i have no idea of how to make this bad.

I have half a compendium class, Starfall Initiate, that requires a move to join, but don’t know how to play it if the player (my son, who is 11..) chooses not to attempt to join the class.


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