9 thoughts on “Is there a good superhero hack for Dungeon World?”

  1. You might want to start from Apocalypse World for that. I admit I haven’t read AW, but I’m fairly sure it doesn’t have HP. And I don’t think HP would be a good fit for a superhero game.

  2. Do you ever see them worry about healing? If they survive the fight, they’re generally okay. In fact, do they ever take damage at all?

  3. I would think that you would want to approach designing a supers game that is Powered by the Apocalypse from the opposite direction that Marvel Heroic Roleplaying took. Instead of flash-bang genre emulation, explore the consequences and obligations of having super powers. Think Watchmen, the new Man of Steel movie, and the animated Justice League: Crises on Two Earths film.

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