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  1. Yes that always looked like a misprint to me. I thought it should read, when making camp outside dungeons or cities, or just flat out in the wilderness.

  2. In a city, someone will always have you for dinner. You’re a famous adventurer after all. In a dungeon, something will always have you for dinner. You are lean but tender.

  3. Yeah, but it is The Ranger – so to twist the move to say “you don’t consume a ration when you are NOT in a city of a dungeon” seems warranted.

  4. Humans and the city-builders, the great urban sprawl. Their rangers, therefore, can live off the stone jungles of man as well as an elf ranger might live off the forests and woods.

    Practically, it probably means rats. Though molds and dogs might be on the menu too.

  5. Rangers don’t like eating molds.  They hunt, trap, fish, and gather on their way to the dungeon so they don’t have to.

      They know the key to wilderness survival is preparation.  Any Ranger worth their cloak has some venison jerky stashed.


    In my world they still have to buy a meal in town.

  6. In my brain, urban rangers are dumpster diving and saying things like, “There’s all kinds of food that you can get for free if you know where to look.  Here, don’t ask, just try this…”

  7. Matt Needham then why do they use rations while foraging and doing the prep work?

    Marshall Miller that’s an interesting idea, sorry typo I meant to ask matt.

  8. Yeah, exactly what Marshall Miller said. In my games it often looks something like “Oh, we all go to the inn!” 

    GM: “Okay, that costs some coin…”

    Ranger: “Oh, not me! I’m hanging out behind the inn, and it’s delicious.”

    This is kind of a theme for our humans: they’re civilization, even when they go wild. The human druid takes on the form of domesticated animals, the human ranger treats the city like an urban jungle.

    That said, if your ranger is different, go for it!

  9. I really want to play a dumpster-diving hipster ranger now. “I was tracking these orcs before they slaughtered the village of Holmsfast.”


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