8 thoughts on “Drives & Aspects”

  1. Bard: 

    Knowledge: Learn something even you never heard about

    Help: Use your magic and music to aid your allies 

    Art: Use your talents to make the world a more beautifull place to live in

  2. Fighter: 

    Superiority: Show them all how great you are by beating a worthy opponent in combat

    Compassion: Defend someone weaker from a terrible foe

    Curiosity: Fight something you never bested before

    Remeberance: Impress someone with your deeds

  3. Not all race moves work as aspects – I’m working on converting all of the core + Funhaver classes to aspects to go along with my alignment/race moves.

  4. Alex Norris how did that go? I am getting geared up to start running a DW game, but I want to sub in the City Thief which uses drives and backgrounds, and I was thinking about making similar changes to the other cores.

  5. Adam Drew: I ended up getting sidetracked by other stuff and basically didn’t get around to doing the aspect conversion, not least because it’s mostly just a matter of renaming/reflavouring the alignment moves into something that has a common theme.

    This is the extra alignment moves doc I mentioned above ages ago, if you want to steal some of these to use instead of just renaming the existing alignment moves: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1r3Au3jjbL82AISF16WuvoIFDXuet5vu0WMcoDLf8sVU/edit

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