#FighterWeek  Signature Weapon Question

#FighterWeek  Signature Weapon Question

#FighterWeek  Signature Weapon Question 

The Fighter says this about her Signature Weapon. Since narrative truth is a thing in DW, especially in the first session, how do you deal with this?


“The dragon sword, a perfectly made katana with a dragonhead as a hilt. Legend says that if you can unlock the secrets of the blade you can use the dragon to throw fire at your enemies.” 

You could do this by just adding the Reach range to the weapon but that wouldn’t really be throwing fire. At least you are missing the tag (is this a problem?) and what move would that be? 

That beeing the following example: 

“The orc charges you with his two sabres ready to slash you in an X-Cut” 

“I channel the power of my blade and point the hilt at him, the mouth opens and it spews fire at him in a blast. just like a young dragon would”

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  1. custom move probably. 

    Improved Weapon says

    Choose one extra enhancement for your signature weapon.

    It doesn’t really say you need to choose from the original list… 

    So saying “i choose the dragon breath enhancement” might work. Depends on how leanient the GM is… 

  2. Well, your original post reads “…if you can unlock the secrets of the blade…”. This implies that the character has not yet unlocked said secrets. I would make it a custom advanced move, maybe:

    When you call on the power of the Dragon Blade to hurl fire at your enemies, roll +DEX: On a 10, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1:

    – You hit your intended target for 1d8 damage and set it on fire.

    – Your fire doesn’t go out of control.

  3. Ish Stabosz

    I agree. This sounds like a blade that comes with it’s own “Golden Opportunity” built right in.

    “The Dragon Tome says that to unlock the full power of the blade you must train with the Battle Maidens of Gon-nepe Kai.”

  4. Eric Lochstampfor now your taking that would be awesome – gives a compromise, some cool new stuff for the game, and still gives the player what he wants. Win-win all around.

  5. I smell something like a compendium class, only with more moves gained by doing stuff and with fewer by spending advances. The whole concept of unlocking a special weapon can help drive a whole campaign.

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