Hey gang!

Hey gang!

Hey gang! If any of you are fans or players of Pathfinder you might know about d20pfsrd.com, the Pathfinder SRD website. I’ve given Dungeon World the same treatment and hope to make the SRD site a popular place for open game content or other Creative Commons content for the game from other publishers. You can see the SRD site I’ve whipped up at http://www.dungeonworldsrd.com/

Hope to see some of you there (and just like with the Pathfinder SRD expect lot’s of shameless begging for help editing the site lol)


10 thoughts on “Hey gang!”

  1. Looked the site, and seems ok to me. Maybe use a sans-serif font, but it’s personal preference. 

    How I can contribuite to it? I’ve designed some extra classes…

  2. Great idea, nicely done. I’d recommend a link to where you can buy Dungeon World, rather than the PFSRD store. 

    In a couple of weeks I can convert Number Appearing to HTML if that would be useful to you.

  3. I’d like to ultimately HAVE Dungeon World products in the d20pfsrd store, but for now I’ve added a “More Info” page that has various links to the main Dungeon World site. I was going to link to the Dungeon World forums too but… they seemed to be down when I was trying to go there earlier today.

    Chris Sakkas Yes, that would be awesome. If you haven’t already, I’ll need either an OGL or Creative Commons license with it so I can be all legal-like too 🙂

    Renato Salzano I am using a sans serif font… It’s a Google Web font called “Aldrich”

  4. Michal Valášek nik harwood Well, there seems to be a consensus on the font 🙁 Dang and I thought it looked cool too… ok I’ll try some others and see what you guys think.

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