9 thoughts on “How many people use weapon ranges in their combat fiction?”

  1. “The pocket-size boys are swarming all over you both, clutching onto your clothes and stabbing with their little knives… Raven, you can’t attack the ones on you with your axe, its range doesn’t include ‘hand’… So, you’re swinging the axe at the ones crawling all over Morgan… What’s that, a miss?…”

  2. Adam Koebel ,  you’ve got to get close enough to hit me.  

    You need to DD to get close enough.  Once you do get close enough, I just need to step back to attack you.

  3. I do, but I’m a long time fan of combat sports and have learned what an important aspect of fighting reach truly is. For an insight try having a look at ESPN’s Sport Science segment on that very topic, featuring UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

  4. Joachim Erdtman During a brief re-enactment foray, novice me advanced with long spiky polearm against skilled sword-and-dagger wielder, “knowing” he couldn’t get close. Unless he parried my spikey polearm with sword-and-dagger in a cruciform, drove it to the ground, stepped on the end, and put the sword to my neck.

    Dancing, yeah.

  5. The fighter got grappled by an undead gnoll.  His signature weapon was a warhammer/pick.  But he had chosen the option to give it an extra range tag and said that it had a buttspike on the bottom of the handle.  So I let him choose to make an attack instead of having to break free from the grapple first.  I wouldn’t have let him do that otherwise.

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