Hey everyone!

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone! Part of my game is the Chimeran Wastes, a region of the world that looks like Arches National Park and has  a tendency to manifest huge hulking monsters out of no where. These creatures (Chimera) are natural sources of magical components because of their inherently mystical nature and so, bands of professional monster killers have popped up to “harvest” this resource.

That’s right, I’m ripping off Monster Hunter.

But I’m having trouble coming up with appropriate fictional moves for a creature who could handily wipe the floor with an entire party if they don’t play their cards right. The goal is to make  planning and executing a perfect hunt for one of these things last the better part of a session and be a rollicking good time.


2 thoughts on “Hey everyone!”

  1. I don’t think it’s the monster’s moves that make it a session-length problem for the party. It’s how you play and describe it. I mean, what you’re talking about is a monster that is essentially an entire dungeon, right? That’s great. That’s how Shadow of the Colossus works.

    Maybe do everything you would do when making an entire dungeon, but make it all part of the same monster (including fronts, grim portents, etc.). Different monsters become different aspects, traits, or body parts of a larger monster, or aspects of the terrain and environment that make fighting the monster harder (or maybe can be used to help fight it?).

  2. That is quite brilliant. If the monster is the adventure, construct the monster as one would construct an adventure.

    Any other ideas out there?

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