15 thoughts on “What happens when you run out of rations?”

  1. What happens when you run out of food? You get hungry.

    To get a bit more mechanical:

    1 day without rations – CON debility

    After that: constant golden opportunity! Better go hunting.

  2. If you need to consume rations for a move and you don’t have them, you can’t trigger the move. If for example you undertake a perilous journey without rations, well, it’s not a move. It’s a golden opportunity at the very best.

  3. When you make camp, you go hungry and don’t get to heal your HP.

    Perhaps you get so hungry, you decide to eat those mushrooms at the edge of the clearing, even though the Druid isn’t really sure about them.

    Roll+Con. What’s that? A miss? Well strap in my friend, you’re in for a wild night of strange sights, sounds, smells, and sensations.

    You wake up the next day, naked and lost in the wilderness. There’s an odd symbol scrawled in some unwholesome substance on your chest, and a wooden coin under your tongue. What happened last night?

  4. The bard starts looking surprisingly appetizing.

    Bard 3 Weight 5 Rations

    Bards are noisy beasts known to be especially hard to catch, even when in season. When properly prepared a bard has been known to feed an adventuring party for several days.

  5. No I agree with you. I like DW because it’s not so mucked up with mechanics. But it’s like an addiction, it takes a while to see things without stifling rules. 

  6. I’m going to say that a ‘hunger alignment’ that replaces your normal alignment temporarily would be appropriate.  Your whole world just became about finding food and nothing else seems to matter as much. 

  7. I would play it out in the fiction, but I think be debilitated would naturally come out of the fiction. I see nothing wrong with any of the ways mentioned above. I like the alignment one. I also lime the idea of everyone being constantly reminded of their hunger. Oh try to commune, roll the dice -1 for being hungry. Oh you can’t focus enough. Not only do you not get new spells, you lose one. Also think the soft move of give them an opportunity with a cost. If they don’t take it, a hard move of damage.

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