Hey people.

Hey people.

Hey people. 

We are looking for a new player for a Play by Community game. You would have to work within the things we had already established BUT you can also bring in new stuff. 

One of our players has major connectivity issues at the moment and so we have a new spot. Right now Fighter and Bard (and Paladin) are taken. 

IS anyone interested?

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  1. we will most likely continue next week since i am away this weekend. But you could make a character and introduce him. You have to be in the city of Belverus (has a magic academy, a lot of astrologers) 

  2. I guess the core classes, barbarian, and artificer and initiate are legal as well as the inverse world classes. Talk to me if there is anything else you like.

  3. Yes please! I’m also on the road this weekend; once I’m back in front of a keyboard, I can write up a character that fits into the existing story so far.

  4. Tim Franzke I didn’t have much time to catch up with the story until now, but I was interested when you first mentioned you were looking for a player. Coincidentally, Richard Robertson has been an active member on the PbP site I run for many years now! =)

    Anyway, I’m assuming you only had one free spot? Or is there room for one more PC?

  5. i fear having 4 PCs is to much to handle in a PbP format. I am sorry. I would still encourage you to maybe run your own game. I think it works quite well in the community format. I might even play ^^

  6. No worries, that’s totally fine.

    I’m actually running a DW PbP game on the forum site (GotEXP) that Richard Robertson mentioned way back when you guys first started the game (as an alternate to community play). But the Community format is definitely interesting too and I may try running a separate game for anyone who doesn’t want to play it on the forum. 

    Oh, but either way, once the first session is done, I’ll definitely post a full transcript and summary for anyone interested to read. 🙂


    And I’ll be keeping up with this game as well.

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