What does it mean in your game to be the “the cleric”

What does it mean in your game to be the “the cleric”

What does it mean in your game to be the “the cleric” . Besides the narrowly defined paladin, you are the only the one that gets powers from a god. If I understand the game correctly, the GM shouldn’t be throwing around a ton of NPC clerics like an old fashion dnd game. Their maybe a cultist or there may be a necromancer or evil priest, but there is only one cleric (at least until someone else dies). I have been thinking on this as I have just started in DW as a cleric. What does it mean in your games – discovered though play – to be the one cleric – the one who petitions your god and communes for powerful spells? Discuss.

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  1. You understood it correctly 🙂

    well, I played in a campaign in which we had a paladin. We played in the Frozen North and the gods (yes, there were many of them) were stern and severe, protecting civilization and humanity from cold and darkness.

    I’m currently playing in the same “world” but far more south and some 300-ish years earlier, and the cleric is part of a cult that trades informations and act as spies for the imperial family.

    She (the cleric) is maybe the only one who hears the voice of her Goddess, but she keeps it to herself, as knowledge is power and shouldn’t be spread around without thinking

  2. I interpret the whole “you’re the only cleric” thing a little more narrowly. Which is to say, I read it “You are the only cleric like this.”  There are lots of people who call themselves clerics (and wizards and rangers and so forth) but none like this. 

  3. I concur with Jason Cordova . You are not the only cleric in the world. But you are the only cleric really important to the adventure. All the other deity petitioner NPCs are not as important as you are in the current vast scheme of things, even though their deities may grant them powers similar (but not identical) to yours.

  4. Jason Cordova – right on – I can see that perspective – that is a cool take and makes a bit more sense than being the one. As long as the npc in the world don’t steel the spotlight as being a copy I can see that. The way DW works monsters is pretty cool for designing cool villains and obstacles so that you are not dealing with a copy of the pc play book. I could also see it being interesting with the cleric and the wizard being the only ones around these parts with these special powers. Thanks and peace.

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