Sales data update, for the benefit of other DW publishers!

Sales data update, for the benefit of other DW publishers!

Sales data update, for the benefit of other DW publishers!

Originally shared by J. Walton

Transparency! Here’s DriveThru sales for Planarch Codex: Dark Heart of the Dreamer, updated with April data. Earlier today it passed 200 lifetime sales, which is pretty cool (and doesn’t include copies to Kickstarter backers).

Still hovering around 12 sales a week, though for a while it looked like we might be lower than 10 for April. But then Judd Karlman started his “love letters” thread, which apparently sold nearly ten copies by itself. It’s really stunning how much one great post by an excited player really makes a difference in sales and how easily we can track that in the internet era.

Really, Planarch has benefited from the beginning by having a great batch of supporters, some of whom I’ve known for a while and some that are completely new to me. Multiple people are still posting about the supplement every week (typically because they’re actually running it!), both when it works for them and when they have issues, which is great and helpful. Even when it doesn’t work, it gives me ideas about things I should post about or new materials I could create to make the concepts more accessible and useful.

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  1. That’s cool. I’m 3 sessions into a Dis-based campaign and it seems to be heading towards a very strong focus of the dark heart theme. I had the player’s do the dark heart dungeon, and gave them an “abaddon’s influence” countdown if they kept failing the dark dreams danger.

    One of the player’s did, and I decided that we should just go with it. The cultist’s who gave the mission see him as their new leader, and I’m making up a compendium class based around being a high priest of Abaddon. I figure even if you don’t want to be affected by Abaddon, there’s quest opportunities for removing the corruption or for reviving the worship of this God.

    Really is a good story-seed in a good setting. I’ll definitely buy the rest of the codex when it comes out.

  2. Nice! I was wondering how many folks would actually run the Dark Heart example dungeon. Sounds like you’re really rocking it. Let me know how it goes!

  3. I don’t even care about Dis, I just heard about the heritage moves and got excited and bought it for that. Here’s to good fluff PLUS good crunch.

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