Hi fellows! I have this question for the community. I posted it on the “Barf Forth Apocalyptica” forum.

Hi fellows! I have this question for the community. I posted it on the “Barf Forth Apocalyptica” forum.

Hi fellows! I have this question for the community. I posted it on the “Barf Forth Apocalyptica” forum.


24 thoughts on “Hi fellows! I have this question for the community. I posted it on the “Barf Forth Apocalyptica” forum.”

  1. I’ve always let the players resolve more than one bonds, following the fiction.

    I can also read it as choose one of your bonds (at time) and see if it is resolved.

    Also, it says once bonds have been updated etc.

    The plural makes me think that it means more than one bond.

  2. I think still one XP though if you resolve multiple things.

    One could also make the case, that maybe the rules tell you the thing you thought was resolved actually isn’t. Maybe there is more than both of you thought there is.

    Just an idea.

  3. We sometimes solve more than one, and award as many Xp, but it’s not common. Also, we let players take new bonds during the game, if it’s warranted by the fiction.

    As long as it really happened, it happened 😀

  4. /sub

    Really, I think that what’s written on page 30 of DW manual is pretty clear “At the end of each session you may resolve one bond”. It doesn’t talk about resolving multiple bonds anywhere else, so, although we did use to resolve more than one bond during the End of Session move… I now think we were doing it wrong.

  5. I’d say: If you’re a lawful character, like a paladin, you can only resolve one bond and only gain 1XP.  Otherwise… rules were meant to be broken!

    In fact, if you’re a chaotic character, perhaps you should gain an extra XP for breaking the rules!

  6. Gm: do you remember last week game? (Always speaking with a monotone and creepy-deep voice).

    Player: yes!

    Gm: well, you didn’t not resolve your two bonds.

    Player: but I saved Chinky’s life, and proved to Shasharat my trust in the true gods of nature.

    Gm: yes, you did. And it was awesome too.

    Player: so why not?!

    Gm: because I’m the Law and I speak the Word of the Book, and as the Rules command me I warn you: you shall fear my Redo of your bonds if you break the Rules!

    Player: sigh.

    Gm: and now leave!

  7. Over the time I’m pretty sure it’s been said that at the end of the session you can get up to 5 xps. So one bond at a time. However, if one or more of your bonds at any time do not make sense, just change them into something more appropriate whenever you want, with no end of the session/earn xps move involved.

  8. Guys, I’m just trying to understand the rule as it’s written on the manual, not looking for the ultimate meaning of being… so, if I get this straight, we can all say that is clear to everyone that we should solve one bond at a time (because the manual says so), but we all do otherwise. Shouldn’t this be something to tell to the authors?

  9. It’s one.  Says right there in the move, doesn’t it?

    Don’t like it?  Doesn’t work at your table?  Go ahead and hack it!  Thing is, it’ll accelerate XP pretty dramatically.  If you’re okay with that, cool.

  10. Yup, it may be that you have more than one bond you’d like to resolve. That’s cool, but we wrote the rule as written to place bonds where we wanted them: as icing on the adventuring cake.

    Let’s look at how you can get XP in DW:

    Rolling a 6

    -Playing your alignment

    -Resolving a bond

    -Learn something new and important about the world

    -Overcome a notable monster or enemy

    -Loot a memorable treasure

    Of those, only rolling 6- can happen more than once per session, by design. That’s on purpose! The best thing you can do to get XP is take chances and get into tough situations.

    Of the remaining options, three are about classic adventuring: learn stuff, kill/overcome stuff, loot stuff. That’s 3 XP per session for adventuring. That’s by design! We want being an adventurer to earn you XP.

    Then there’s the last two, your alignment and resolving a bond. Those are, to us, the icing on the cake. They should together be worth less than the others because they’re not as important. They’re a spice that enriches the rest of the game, not the focus of it.

    If you could resolve as many bonds as you wanted the best way to earn XP would be to just focus on interpersonal stuff with the other players. You’d never need to adventure, really. You could just sit around and talk it out for 3-5 XP (depending on class) per session (or more if you can resolve mid-session). That’s not the game we wanted to make.

    So yes, the fact that maybe you have more than one candidate for resolving but only resolve 1 is fine. If it really bothers you, use this instead:

    “When you reach the end of a session, choose all of your bonds that you feel is resolved (completely explored, no longer relevant, or otherwise). Ask the player of the character you have the bond with if they agree. If they do, erase your old bond and write a new bond with whomever you wish. If you resolve at least one bond, mark XP.”

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