10 thoughts on “Anyone have a racial move for a dwarven thief or an orcish fighter?”

  1. Fighter: When you roll a 10+ on Hack&Slash and you choose to deal extra Damage, deal an additional +1d4 damage

    (half orc, but same difference)

  2. Dwarf Thief Ideas:

    choose 2 poisons, you ae immune to them.

    When you use Tricks of the Trade to open a lock or disable a Trap, ask the GM 1 question about how it was made (or something like that. it shows that dwarfes know about metalwork and crafting)

  3. Dwarven thief:

    When you handle something valuable. Roll + INT. On a 10+ ask 3 and 7-9, ask 1.

    Who is this valuable to?

    Who made this?

    Where is the flaw in the craftsmanship?

    Who originally owned this?

    What bloodshed and kinstrife has this valuable caused?

  4. Dwarven Thief: Every knows the lengths a dwarf will go through to keep his word. You can always use a false oath as leverage to parley with anyone if, to the best of their knowledge, you’ve never broken your word to them yet.

  5. I’ve got missing racial moves for all the base classes plus the four Funhaver classes as well as orc moves for all of those classes (bar the Fighter, haven’t figured out whether I want to write something different from the Number Appearing one), but they’re just languishing on gdocs. Here’s what I have for the Dwarf Thief:

    Dwarf Thief

    When you take your sweet time to pick locks, pockets or disable a trap, take +1.

    Here’s the doc with the rest of them: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1auPwpj9_55IwdikP7m09G3rpwB1hBYiBtd_sjWU9Tu8/edit

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