UK folks:

UK folks:

UK folks:

One of my players just pointed out to me that Leisure Games have physical copies of DW:–Sage-Kobold-.html#a59632

£17’s (+£3.50 shipping) not a bad price and certainly beats what you end up paying if you get it via IPR.

I’ve just ordered two copies myself, but has anyone bought one from them and actually gotten it yet?–Sage-Kobold-.html#a59632

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  1. I bought one a couple of weeks or so ago from Leisure Games. It turned up in good time as things always do from LG. (I got the hardback from the Kickstarter but it’s too nice a thing to risk amidst the beer and sawdust of the pub we play in.)

  2. Yeah, I’ve bought from LG before so I know they’re good – I was mostly making sure it was actually the book and not, I don’t know, a figment of my imagination. Thanks!

  3. It is. And it’s a great entry point for beginners to get into RPGs without learning it all wrong and tactical 😉

    But on the other hand, it lacks four classes…

  4. Looks like my order is being processed. It should reach my greedy little hands next week if I’m lucky — the Irish post is not known for its celerity.

  5. About the same. We live in a perfect world, at the crossing of private contractor management and federal government bureaucracy.

    Who am I kidding ? The belgian post office just confirmed me they lost a package between here and Shenzen, and offer a 25% content price compensation.

    Meanwhile, the chinese company confirmed they got the package.

  6. Kasper Brohus  It’s a very long story. The package delivery service was dictated by the chinese company’s return policy and didn’t cover lost package beyond the sending fees. But the chinese company itself would have refunded the package if it was lost. 

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