Destroying Dungeon World Artefacts

Destroying Dungeon World Artefacts

Destroying Dungeon World Artefacts

I just played Risk Legacy, and really enjoyed the experience of changing the game irrevocably as we played. Of course, in an RPG we already change the game world, but I can only think of one example where the physical artefacts of the games change.

That one example is Adam’s (Sage’s?) idea where you print out all the classes, and when someone dies they have to choose from one of the remaining classes. You slowly work through the classes, never being allowed to repeat them.

You could also do stuff like letting someone who played a particular class write down a new name, look or bond option when that character retired/died.  Sure, YOUR paladin had to be called Alphonso, but the next player can choose ‘Sir Kickass’. 

Or what if at the start of the campaign you had to choose three of five race options for each class? You’d peel off those stickers and stick them to the class playbook, and then tear up the remaining stickers. From then on, only elves, gnomes and fairies can be paladins – no dwarves allowed!

You could even let players choose a compendium class which they then assembled level by level by peeling off moves from a sticker book and sticking them to a blank compendium class playbook.

The most obvious way you could do it is with a map. Slowly stick stickers on to show where the Grim Forest and the Haunted Castle are, and let the MVP choose what they’re called.

Monsters could come on cards and have their third move blank. Through spout lore or some similar move, players and GMs could invent the last move. 

All the playbooks that made it through to the final fight against the BBEG could have their HP or damage die upped for future players.

Any thoughts?

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  1. Hey Colter Hanna, what do you mean by a series of 1-shots? So each time, you’d play with new characters but with the playbook changes from the times before?

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