Arcane Archer Compendium Class

Arcane Archer Compendium Class

Arcane Archer Compendium Class 

So i realised there wasn’t something like this…

The idea here was to give you additional abilities with a bow without needing access to Spells. 

The most powerful thing you could probably do with this is using Shocking or Splitting Arrows in combination with Bloot out the Sun. I decided to not really give you flat +damage moves. 

Overload and Counterspell-Shoot are based on Wizard moves. 

I just really the idea of this guy shooting magic missiles out of the air. Totally unrealistic but really cool. 

Maybe a maximum of 4 enchantements is to much but i think you would need 2 start options or you just become a one-trick pony. 

6 thoughts on “Arcane Archer Compendium Class”

  1. Thank you mike, It still could use a better trigger then “evocation spells” since spell types are not that commonly used outside of player spells. Projectile spells also doesn’t seem right

  2. Maybe allow it to trigger on any attacking spell but unless you’re 11+, you lose the enchantment. You could think of it as buzzing the caster with your arrow and disrupting the casting. I don’t know, I’m still learning the system.  But I still love the idea of shooting MM out of the air!

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