We still need more Dungeon World GM’s for the May KristaCon in New York.

We still need more Dungeon World GM’s for the May KristaCon in New York.

Originally shared by Brendan Conway

We still need more Dungeon World GM’s for the May KristaCon in New York. I’m putting together all kinds of crazy for it, and I need some help to make it come to life!

The Angelbone Blade! The Pyrewyrm! The Scourge Karkis! Corruption! Tentacles! Werewolves! Demon Monks! A Necropolis! An interdimensional pleasure palace!

Jump in if you’re interested!

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  1. Scourge Khakis

    Crafted fiber by fiber, with painstaking care, by the mute Spider Pixies of the Breedwood, the Scourge Khakis are crafted from the remains of the Scourge Karkis. Most of the corpse was obliterated in the battle which ended the titanic creature’s life — though once the Scourge Karkis towered over 200 feet, there was little enough left to make one pair of khakis, and even that amount had to be gathered over some time by the Spider Pixies at the behest of their lady, the Ocular Oracle.

    The remnants of the Scourge’s body were spun by the Spider Pixies on their web-looms, eventually crafting the fibers that the pixies carefully and precisely wove together into the khakis. Now, the khakis carry forward the remains of the Scourge’s legacy. The titanic strength, enormous power, and unending corruption that the Scourge carried within itself all belong to the wearer of the khakis.

    The Spider Pixies, since finishing the Scourge Khakis, have wondered, why? To what end did they create these terrible tan trousers that reek of death and ill fate? Why would their Ocular Oracle command this of them? Only she knows, and she has not said anything since the khakis were complete. It is as if she is waiting…waiting for the right wearer to come for the khakis. Waiting for the Scourge to be reborn.

    When you wear the Scourge Khakis, you can call upon the power and strength of the long-dead Scourge Karkis. Choose which power you’d like to summon up:

    – The strength to jump hundreds of feet in the air and land without harm.

    – The strength to strike the ground with the heel of your foot and crack the earth asunder.

    – The terrifying aura of the Scourge Karkis, causing all around you to fall to their knees in fear of you.

    – The Scourge for which Karkis was named, sending out lashing tendrils of thorny fibers from the Khakis, tearing apart the flesh of your victim.

    – The call of the corruption that the Scourge bore within itself, summoning corrupted beasts to you for you to command. 

    Then, roll+Wis to use your will to master the power of the Khakis. On a 10+, you may use the power exactly as you wish. On a 7-9, the will of Karkis to destroy all life (and thereby protect it from a worser fate at the tentacles of those who corrupted Karkis) will twist your use of the power. Choose one:

    – Your use of power will hurt someone or something you care about.

    – Your use of power will drain the life out of the area.

    – Your use of power will drain your own life.

    On a miss, the power obeys the long-dead will of Karkis entirely. May the gods have mercy on you.

  2. That would be awesome, Brian! We’re doing May 24th, 25th, and 26th, and what we’re hoping to do is run a DW game over three sessions — essentially, a miniature campaign. You’d get to play in the Marvel Heroic games we’re doing if you’re running for DW, because we’re doing the two tracks opposite each other. DW is going to be from 3-7 pm on Friday the 24th, from 2-6 pm on Saturday the 25th, and from 10 am – 2 pm on Sunday the 26th. Let me know if I can answer any other questions!

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