April Fool’s – But Seriously

April Fool’s – But Seriously

April Fool’s – But Seriously

For April Fool’s, Adam and Sage announced the second edition of Dungeon World and just linked people to the Pathfinder System Reference Document.

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a Dungeon World SRD? Of course, we already have a few HTML versions of the DW core rules, but one nice feature of the PSRD is that it also hosts third party Pathfinder content. We have a lot of DW content that people have generously licensed under CC BY – if we got their permission, we could centrally host it somewhere in a standard, easy-to-read format.

It could also link to DW products for sale, helping to repay the people who have contributed their content for free.

I don’t have the time or know-how to do this, sadly, but is there someone else who would like to get it done?


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  1. I’ve been working on moving the DW XML to HTML and providing it as an extensible easy-to-host package. The main problem is finding time to work on it, but if I can get it working it should be super easy for people to add third party content.

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