49 thoughts on “Is anyone interested in some Dungeon Planet play by post goodness?”

  1. The GM is pretty busy these days, so probably only a few posts a week right now.  If/when that changes, 5-7 posts a week would be good.

    If people’s posting rates are very different, he might pull a seperate them move, which actually works really well in pbp.

  2. Yep, so I’ll be able to commit to at least one post every three days. I mean, some weeks are busier than others – Fridays through Sundays are my busiest work days – so on those nights it’s hit or miss. For you guys though, I’ll make sure to get posts in as often as I can.

    I’ll be back on much later, but if you’re trying to register on http://www.gotexp.com/d20 before then, try contacting Richard Robertson – he’s got admin access and can disable the captcha temporarily (it’s set to be ridiculously unrecognizable to keep the spammers out). Otherwise, I’ll be around tomorrow and the day after for sure.

    Look forward to having you guys in the game!

  3. HI folks. I’d be interested, but I’m away from home ’till friday and don’t have my copy of Dungeon Planet with me. Are you still recruiting new players  ? If so, when are you planning to start character creation ?

  4. Yep, still recruiting players! Character creation is already underway, actually. I can tell you for sure that Technician is already taken, and I’m pretty sure Mutant is as well. I wanted to try and start the game by Tuesday/Wednesday, but that’s probably not happening – so you’ll be good if you can only get something in Friday.

    Until we switch hosts, our forum/site is a little hard to register to, unfortunately, unless we “deactivate the shields” so-to-speak. You can add me or Richard Robertson and whenever you’re home and want to register, let one of us know – we’ll turn off the CAPTCHA and you’ll be able to register.

  5. Cool, so we’ve got 3 PCs so far: an Android Technician, a White Ape Wizard, and most likely a Human Mutant. Philip Espi I can wait until you get back on Friday so you can join in. In the meantime, you can think about what sort of character you want to play. Neil Sorenson Are you still interested in playing?

  6. Apologies for the difficult registration process. I took over for an old admin and … well… there’s a lot of technical stuff here that’s screwy. I’m in the process of getting it all fixed.

  7. Sure, there’s still room in this game for another player. I’ll make it so you can register more easily.

    Just let me know what username you choose.


  8. Alright, well we’ve got a great cast so far and we’re about to start the first session real soon!

    Neil Sorenson — Are you still interested in joining the game before it starts?

  9. In the forums, you know how the game’s divided into three sections? Game Information, OOC, and Story? Gameplay will take place in the Story section. Each “session” is just a thread – a chapter basically. It’s not the same sort of session that applies to a game in real time. PbP games move much slower, unfortunately. So stuff happens, there are various encounters, and when we’ve reached the end of a dungeon or completed goal Y or whatever – that’s when the “session” ends (again, meaning the chapter / thread) and a new thread begins.

    Sometimes it can just “feel” like the end of a chapter thread — this was often the case in the Apocalypse World game on the site.

    Does that make more sense?

  10. Yeah, PbP is gaming, but it’s the group writing alternative. I see threads as chapters more so than game sessions. There definitely are pros and cons to PbP gaming… but that’s a whole different conversation!

  11. Hell yeah Matt! I can’t help you get registered on the site right now since I’m at work, but I’ll catch you on later and help you get on. The game is still midway into First Session but early enough that I can totally add one more player in no problem.

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