17 thoughts on “Anyone worked up Ninja, Samurai or Wu Jen, or Monk style Dungeon World classes?”

  1. And you can also do

    Thief – Ninja

    Fighter – Samurai/Monk(hand weapon!)

    Wu Jen (whatever those are) – Cleric/Wizard (and then compendium Class into Geomancer)

    Should be no problem

    Barbarian – Samurai

    Works too

  2. Yes, there’s a monk class I wrote (based on the sage’s battlemind) and there’s a Initiate class (a pressure-point ki-branding monk) somewhere on the net.

    For the monk class, I can translate it from italian to english.

  3. Ok, this is my monk class in english (fast translation ^^):

    The Monk


    Dwarf: Bruce, Chow Tai, Donnie, Rebekah, Michiko, Chun

    Elf: Sammo, Leung, Jet, Zara, Taimak, Katheryn

    Human: Jackie, Wong, Sai-Yuk, Cynthia, Mulan, Michael 


    Wise Eyes, Deep Eyes or Fiery Eyes

    Braidlocks, Short neat hair or Bald

    Combact uniform, Cool clothes or Confortable clothes

    Huge body, Flexible Body or Athletic Body


    Dwarf: You have a variant of butterfly steps limited to trapped superfices.

    Elf: When you are in a forest and walk caring around, you can ask the GM where are dangers and the GM will answer honestly.

    Human: You’re naturally aggrssive: take +1 forward to the first roll in a fight.

    D8 Damage, starting PF: 8+Costitution.


    Your max load is 6+STR. You start with dungeon’s rations (5 uses, weight 1).

    Choose one thing linked to your fighting school (all weights 0):

    * A martial style book, gifted by your master

    * Your school’s necklace.

    * Your master cloack, taken from his corpse.

    * The gloves that you weared on your first fight

    * A giant back tattoo, linked to your name.

    Choose two tools:

    * Adventuring gear (5 uses, 1 weight)

    * Poultices and Herbs (2 uses, 1 weight) and bandages (weight 0)

    * 2 Healing potions (weight 0)

    * 1 Antitoxin (weight 0)

    * Halfling pipeweed (5 uses, weight 0)

    * Dungeon’s ration (5 uses, weight 1)




    When you have some time and space to train yourself alone, lose your ki-points, and gain 3 ki-points.

    You can have max 3 ki-points.

    Martial Arts

    When you preparare yourself to the fight, roll +WIS. 10+: Choose one knowed style and use it. 7-9: Choose 

    one knowed style and use it, but choose 1:

    * Lose 1 ki-point.

    * -1 to all rolls when you use the style

    * You get yourself in a bad place

    Choose 3 knowed styles:

    * Monkey – you can roll +KI-POINTS for hack’n’slash

    * Turtle – you gain +2 Arm.

    * Dragon – you damage dice is d10

    * Tiger – your body is a weapon with +1 damage and reach

    * Eagle – you can defy danger rolling +KI-POINTS.

    * Purcopine – your body is a weapon with 2 piercing

    * Gorilla – your body is a weapon with messy and forceful 

    Bend, not oppose

    When you’re unarmered, without a shield, you carry under your maximun load and have 1 ki-point, you have 2 Arm.

    Trained to fight

    You body is a weapon with the hand tag.


    * Good – Endure a danger for protecting someone that can’t.

    * Lawful – Endure a danger for keeping your school’s honor.

    * Chaotic – Prove that you martial arts are better.


    Fighting fluid:

    When you kill or ko’s in a fight a enemy, you can change style with another

    that you know.

    Fighter’s Soul:

    When you take damage, you can lose 1 ki-point and negate the damage. 


    When you have time, safety and can touch an ally, you can spend 1 ki-point and

    heal that ally 2d4 PF.

    Martial Master

    Choose another style as knowed.

    With the help of my friend

    When an ally aid you, you can gain 1 ki-point insted of a +1 forward.


    When you spot lore about martial arts or philosophy, take +1 forward.

    Butterfly step

    When you concentrate on your movement, you can spend 1 ki-point and when you 

    keep moving, you can move where you normally can’t: vertical wall, ceilings,



    When you distract or stun your enemy in a fight, you can choose a place you can 

    see and roll +KI-POINT. 10+: You move there, and no-one see it. 7-9: You move

    there, but there’s only some moment before someone see you.


    You can use volley with your martial art. If you do, roll +WIS. If you lose 

    ammunition, you take a debility instead.

    Intense training

    When you Bolster, your training time are halfed.


    Burning warrior’s spirit (replaces: Fighter’s soul)

    When you take damage, you can spend 1 ki-point and negate the damage. If you 

    do, take +1 forward.

    Secret pressure point (replaces: agopunture)

    When you have time, safety and can touch an ally, you can spend 1 ki-point to 

    heal that ally 2d6 PF and 1 debility.

    Personal style

    When you use martial arts, choose 2 styles and gain the effect of both.

    Foot to the head

    When you’re rounded by more minions, and hold still calling them, roll +KI-POINT. 

    10+: You ground them all, the GM chooses if they take damage too. 7-9: As 10+, but choose 1:

    * You lose a gear

    * You lose a part of your clothes/armour

    * You take an attack from them

    Old master wisdom

    When you think what your master will say to you about your situation, say one sentence. The GM

    can ask you questions on it. roll +WIS. 10+: Your sentence is rilevant to the situation. 7-9: 

    You sentence is weak linked to the situation. 

    Perfect training (needs: intense training)

    When you Bolster, you take only 1 day to gain 1 preparation-point, and 1 week to gain 3 preparation-point.

    The world is my weapon

    When you use the enverinoment against your enemy, roll +DEX. 10+: Do your damage and 1d6 extra damage. 

    7-9: Do 1d6 damage, and gain +1 forward, but you break something exposing you to danger. 

    Inner spirit

    When you roll 12+, regain 1 ki-point.

    I don’t see a good defence 

    When you train or show the right way to fight to someone, they take +1 to the rolls when they do your 

    way, and -1 if then don’t. 

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