Tuesday night is Planarch night!

Tuesday night is Planarch night!

Tuesday night is Planarch night!

The Paladin gets lost while eluding a horde of Rat Thing bravos. Just when he thinks he’s clear of them, the Greatlune weather sirens howl. A huge acid storm is about to roll in from the Chaos Sea! He seeks shelter in the only nearby structure, the Horn Head distillery.

Since the Wizard and Bard are still recovering from their heritage infusions, we spin up some PC greenhouse slaves using the Slave Pits of Drahzul playbooks. The Paladin rescues them from the disintegrating greenhouse and leads them into the distillery workshop, which is solidly built and protected by magic runes.

Alas, they discover, the secret ingredient in Horn Head fruit rum is the essence of Chaos pleasure demons. The Capra (goat-headed) demonologists who run the distillery are not pleased at the Paladin’s intrusion!

We also discovered that a tooth fruit will lick wounds back to health if it is sufficiently charmed or frightened.

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  1. Tooth fruit = fruit grown in the proximity of inadequately shielded demons. They are a constant threat to pickers.

    Their inner life is a struggle between fruity sweetness and demonic fury.

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